Co-Curricular Activities


Special attention is paid to co-curricular activities in order to develop students' talents, go as to bring out their creativity and provide them opportunities for self expression. Co-curricular activities are of immense value in the present day curriculum. Co-curricular activities are the best means of channelising the child's instincts into healthy and fruitful channels. Co-curricular activities help in the service and sentiment of loyalty. An emphasis is laid on the all round development of the students and it gives exposure to the pupil teacher, so that they can implement them in the school's future.


 All students on the rolls of the college are issued Identity Cards on joining the college. On the presentation of Identity Card the students will be issued Library Membership Cards.
 Students are requested to keep their Identity cards with them. These must be produced when demanded or when checked by an official of the college.
 The Identity Card is non-transferable. If a student looses his/her Identity/ Library Card, he/she can be issued a duplicate one on a payment of Rs. 50/-.

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