Discipline And General Rules


1. Students shall maintain discipline and necessary decorum in and outside the classroom.
2. Students are expected to be courteous and polite in their dealings with one another and / or with the employees of the college.
3. Proper respect should be shown to the teachers and their instructions should be carried out strictly.
4. Perfect silence should be maintained in the classes, in the reading room and in the verandah so that none is disturbed in studies and the atmosphere prevailing in the college remains congenial for academic pursuits.

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5. Movement from one class to another should be orderly. At the end of a period, the incoming students should wait outside till the classroom is completely vacated.
6. Mobiles phones are not allowed in the classroom and in the college premises during college hours.
7. The students should understand that the college property is an asset of the nation and as such as its maintenance is as much their duty as that of administration. Therefore, let not any one disfigure or damage the furniture or deface the wall with pen, pencil or chalk marks.
8. The students should inculcate the queue habit while they go to see the Principal or pay dues in the accounts office or to get books issued from the library.
9. The students must not loiter about in the verandah unnecessarily.
10. At any time during the course of training, the Principal may at her discretion remove the name of a student from the college rolls if he/she has failed to make progress in studies or has been found guilty of misconduct.
11. Participation in co-curricular activities and games is compulsory for all students.
12. No student is allowed to accept any kind of employment during the course of training.
13. During the training period, no student shall take part in any anti-government, anti-college or other subversive activities.
14. Political and unauthorized meetings, demonstration of all kinds, sale and distribution of books, pamphlets, posters etc. without the permission of principal in the college premises are strictly prohibited.
15. The students must look up to the notice board at least two times, once on the commencement of the day and later before they depart from the college. Ignorance about a notice shall not be entertained as an excuse for non compliance.
16. Character Certificates will not be issued to a student who indulges in unfair means in the House test/University examination or misbehaves with the college staff.

IMPORTANT : Except with the special permission of the Principal obtained in writing, visitors are not permitted to visit their wards during college hours. Strict compliance is solicited.

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