To sensitize the pupil teachers towards environmental issues and to develop attitude and skills for preservation and protection of environment and natural resources.
 To sensitize the pupil teachers for improving the quality of life of under privileged and become an agent of social change.
 To help the pupil teachers for becoming cultural transmitter in the society.
 To draw out and cultivate the holistic development and establish value system through curricular transaction.
 To work for the need of not only the big quantum of students but also of the students with wide range of ability, aptitude, interest and socio- economic background.
 To motivate and encourage students to work for quality enhancement in college and school education and also integrate latest technology.
 To enable the pupil teachers to think creative and constructive for seeking truth and solving problems.
 To help pupil teachers to develop instructional material like Art & drawing skills and use learning resources.
 To help them to possess cordial attitude towards students for identifying their difficulties and problems and to develop skills for guidance and counselling.

About Us


 Empowerment through education and progress through teacher & taught.
 Dedication to quality and continuous improvement through team work and collaboration.
 Work for excellence in all spheres of Personal, Social and National endeavor & achievement.
 Respect for total environment: Physical, Biological & Social.
 Building of attitude of the teacher with regard to present day's needs and glorious future of the mankind.
 Preservation of Rich Heritage and Culture.
 Discovery of one self through self analysis and respect to all religions.
 Positive communication for better human relations.
 Care & Share with trust, respect and integrity.
 Vision, mission and values are made known to stake holders through display in the college and through prospects of future.

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