Library And Reading Room


The college has a well equipped library and reading room with adequate number of books on different subjects which provide ample opportunities to the students for self study & gaining general knowledge. It remains open during the college hours. The college subscribes to a large number of Indian and foreign journals and periodicals in Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology, Educational Planning, Science Education, Educational Technology Sciences, Social Science & in many other fields releted to education in Hindi, Punjabi & English Languages.


1. Students are entitled to borrow two books at a time.
2. The library books may be retained by the students upto a period of 14 days after which they must be returned or re-issued, depending on the discretion of the librarian. A fine of Rs.5/- per volume per day is charged for the books that have exceeded their due date.
3. Books issued from the library should be kept very carefully and in no case be underlined or disfigured.

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4. If a book at the time of returning to library is found defaced or damaged in any way, the last borrower will be required to pay its price as its damages.
5. Leave from the college does not imply exemption from returning library books.
6. The loss of a book should be reported to the librarian before the due date. The borrower will be required to replace the book or pay double the price.
7. The librarian is empowered to recall any book at any time.
8. Reference books, Rare books and Periodicals will not be issued except for consultation in the library during working hours.
9. The students are expected to observe perfect silence in the library and should not disturb others in any way.
10. Any misuse of college library will be consider.

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